Relief Delivered To Vavuniya Hospital

In News on April 5, 2009 at 2:05 am

Just returned from delivering relief to Vavuniya Hospital. A great thanks to the kind donors as well as the Ministry and military officials and staff who made this possible. A special thanks to our military escorts for this and their continued service to Sri Lanka and all Sri Lankans.

The Action and Trust team is clean, fed and safe with their families, which many people we’ve met will not be, for years. The government staff and volunteers are doing a remarkable job of running the Vavuniya Hospital under immense presssure. They and many other hospitals can use continued support.

Will write a fuller report after some rest. It is something, even when it feels like not nearly enough. Thank you for your support and please extend your thoughts, metta and prayers to those that continue to suffer tonight.

Vavuniya Relief Loaded and En Route

In News on April 4, 2009 at 6:29 am

We are now en route to Vavuniya to deliver the medical items we’ve collected. This is a video of some volunteers loading medical supplies onto one of the two lorries heading up. The lorries contain medicine, crutches, mattresses and some basics like milk powder. Now passing Kurunegala. Will try to update from Anuradhapura then Vavuniya

Please note that ACT Lanka is in no way shape or form associated with ACT-NOW in UK. This is a purely Sri Lankan citizens based initiative working directly with the government and Army.

Appeal For Relief To Vavuniya Hospital

In 1 on March 30, 2009 at 10:53 am

To all concerned: We hope to send/take the first delivery of emergency relief to Vavuniya Hospital on Friday. We have focused on Crutches, Medicines and Mattresses. We have raised 250 crutches. We have also gathered various quantities of basic medicines, though more is needed.

We need to raise 100 mattresses (Our price from Arpico is Rs.2,750 per mattress), if we could each buy one and/or get our friends to do the same, we will have enough.  Pls contact us if you can you can donate to this.

Medicine: Sarika will be purchasing medicine this week, as per list on page 11.  If you wish to donate, please contact her or use the contact form here. Or buy the medicines and give to us.

We hope to take 3 lorries across on Friday evening.  ACT representatives will accompany the delivery.  If you are free to travel, please contact me.

Attached is the new and updated proposal.  Please use it to appeal for donations.  Just on private donations (rather than corporate), we will have enough to take across.


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